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DQX propellers are an evolution of the tried and true Dyna-Quad series propellers.

- The design has been modified to be better suited to highly loaded, limited tip clearance applications.

- New manufacturing technologies such as permanent mold casting and/or machine finishing are utilized in manufacture to facilitate accurate, and repeatable product.

Model NumberDiameterMaterialE.A.RWeight (lbs.)Price
DQX4B17B17Bronze0.73524.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B17N17Nibral0.73524.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B18B18Bronze0.73524.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B18N18Nibral0.73524.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B19B19Bronze0.73526.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B19N19Nibral0.73526.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B20B20Bronze0.73530.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B20N20Nibral0.73530.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B21N21Nibral0.73532.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B22N22Nibral0.73536.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B23N23Nibral0.8144.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B24N24Nibral0.8150.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B26N26Nibral0.8160.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B28N28Nibral0.8175.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B30N30Nibral0.8195.0 Log In to See Price
DQX4B32N32Nibral0.81110.0 Log In to See Price
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